Custom Dunnage

Interior packaging to cushion, stabilize, and protect contents

Dunnage applications

PackIQ offers several types of dunnage and interior packaging solutions for protecting surfaces, preventing cargo from dislocation, decreasing shocks during navigation, and preventing damage.  All of our dunnage products are designed with high-quality, cost-effective solutions and customized to the features you need, including material, size, color, shape, and weight. PackIQ’s dunnage is custom-designed and constructed using a variety of traditional materials.

Sewn Bags
Foam Dunnage
Vacuum-Formed Trays
Plastic Corrugate
Molded Plastic Dunnage
Corrugated Fiberboard

Whether you require shock or vibration protection, part separation or specific orientation for class “A” parts, our engineers will translate your job specifications into products that precisely match your material handling needs. Our expertise with foam, vacuum formed trays, corrugated fiberboard, sewn bags, and molded fiberboard can help deliver the right packaging for your parts, whether you need a single prototype or production quantities.

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