Bulk Containers & Totes

Quality totes, containers, and bin storage systems to suit all your material handling and storage needs at guaranteed low prices

Divider and Grid Containers

Our dividable grid Containers are ideal for use in the commercial, industrial, electronic and healthcare industries for storage, assembly, fabrication and distribution applications. These containers are injection molded from high-density polyethylene that meets FDA standards and resist most solvents and chemicals.

Dividers allow customization of container interiors to meet your exact needs
Offer the safest and most efficient method for compartmentalizing and protecting small to medium sized parts
Molded-in stacking ridge assures containers will stack securely with or without covers
Compatible with most racks, shelving and automated, material handling equipment
Containers and covers are available in 9 sizes and 4 colors (red, blue, gray, clear)

Nest and Stack Totes

Nest and stack totes are ideal for transporting and storing a variety of items in any application. These heavy-duty containers are reusable and, when not in use, can be stacked and stored away to save space. Stack and nest totes are waterproof and will not corrode, bend out of shape, and are unaffected by chemicals.

Totes are injection molded from high-density polypropylene material that complies with the USDA and FDA regulations
Reusable container will stack with or without lids for maximum storage and shipping
Have unique ability to stack or can be turned 180° to nest when empty saving valuable space
Optional lids for totes can be secured with nylon ties
Textured bottoms ensure safe and easy non-slip grip in transit on conveyors
Available in 9 sizes and 3 colors (blue, gray, red)

Straight Wall Containers

Our straight wall containers provide the most cubic space to hold more product/material during shipping, storage or work-in progress. Greater strength and durability provided by reinforced corners allowing this strong container to hold the heaviest of parts! These heavy-duty containers are injection molded from high-density polyethylene.

Sturdy straight wall design allows for secure, modular stacking of all sizes on standard pallet
Hand grips on two sides make the container easy to handle and carry
Large molded-in label slot for identifying contents
Up to 150 lb. stack capacity
Textured bottoms ensure safe and easy non-slip grip in transit on conveyors

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