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PackIQ is a packaging design and manufacturing company focused on providing custom reusable transport packaging and full-service container management programs to manufacturing companies and their suppliers.

As an innovative packaging company, we want to change the way packaging design and container management is done for companies from automotive to aerospace, to power sports and defense, and medical equipment to earthmoving machines.

In 2001, Andy and Mark were helping Yamaha deal with some complex material handling challenges, inefficient shipping practices, and excess packaging waste heading to landfills.  At the same time, they witnessed many more companies dealing with similar challenges.  It was at that moment that they realized the positive impact that fleets of custom-designed, reusable transport packaging would have in helping companies in all types of industries.  

Leveraging their engineering degrees and knowledge of lean manufacturing practices, they launched an industrial packaging design and services company, along with a patented returnable steel shipping rack, and set out to help organizations struggling to improve their material handling and storage activities, shipping, and waste reduction efforts. 

PackIQ was formed.

We believe in creativity, fostering innovation, flawless execution, teamwork, and a passion for helping our customers.  Each year, we design hundreds of packaging concepts and manage the entire packaging lifecycle including prototyping, testing, manufacturing, storage, maintenance, and real-time tracking and delivery. Our customers achieve significant cost savings, efficiencies, quality improvements, and a competitive edge.

Today, PackIQ is trusted by hundreds of well-known brands and blue chip companies.  In 2022, a multinational German manufacturer of luxury automobiles named us their #1 rated steel shipping rack supplier based on packaging design expertise, quality, project management, and best value for the money.    

Our goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive, high-quality industrial packaging and material handling solutions while investing in our people, equipment, and facilities to serve our customers better than anyone else. 

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