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Coordinate Measuring Machines for Flawless Quality Control

PackIQ offers CMM coordinate measuring and calibration service for the ultimate in precision.

Measure anywhere

What if you could capture every measurement of a complex shipping rack just by touching it? PackIQ offers advanced and accurate 3D measurement and inspection capabilities to pinpoint defects with shipping racks, containers, and other types of packaging.

The FARO Quantum Max is a portable and rugged optical CMM specifically designed for use anywhere we need to work with our customers. This cutting-edge machine offers unparalleled accuracy, regardless of the setup and inconsistencies encountered in the production environment.

Improve quality

Our CMM equipment provides enhanced flexibility and efficiency, enabling us to deliver the highest level of quality control. Utilizing the CMM 3D scanning technologies, PackIQ combines essential tools necessary for the measurement, data collection, and calibration process.

The deployment of two CMMs brings numerous advantages to PackIQ, including instant measuring, heightened accuracy, portability, and faster alignments. By leveraging the capabilities of the FARO Quantum Max, PackIQ continues to push the boundaries of quality assurance for our customers.

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