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Oily and dirty containers and totes? Parts can leave grease and oil residue that must be thoroughly cleaned before being used again. Our industrial washing machine can completely clean and dry all of your totes and pallets. We can also repair your bulk bins and plastic containers under the same roof.

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Container Washing Capabilities

PackIQ uses a multistage industrial dunnage washing machine fed by a conveyor belt delivery system.  Our washing tunnel is approximately 60 feet long, consisting of pre-rinse, chemical wash, clean rinse, and a forced air drying stage. Our drying tunnel operates at 58 degrees Celsius, an industry standard to properly clean and prevent deformation of dunnage.

Our washing and cleaning detergents remove particulates, transmission fluid, CNC coolant, antifreeze, and other lubricants from reusable containers.   The filtration system is flushed regularly to mitigate particulates returning to the washing process.

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