Corrugated Plastic Dunnage

Corrugated plastic is a reusable packaging option that can outperform and outlast traditional cardboard packaging.

Corrugated plastic can serve as a mid-point solution between cardboard and wood in your packaging systems, and is an integral part of reusable packaging. Additionally, corrugated plastic packaging is more cost effective on a cost-per-trip basis and is 100% recyclable. Cost-per-trip studies show that manufacturers can save up to 70% in normal costs related to packaging when converting from cardboard to reusable corrugated plastic.

Benefits of corrugated plastic:
  • Durable & Reusable – unlike cardboard, corrugated plastic holds up well after repeated usage and is resistant to puncture, tearing, and impact damage.
  • Lightweight – shipping solutions made with corrugated plastic are lighter than their wood or cardboard counter parts, which can reduce fuel transport costs and improve worker safety.
  • Moisture resistant – Corrugated plastic containers retain their strength, shape, and integrity when exposed to moisture providing superior product protection. Since it is virtually unaffected by water, corrugated plastic will not mold, mildew or rust. This also improves the working environment and worker safety for employees since the corrugated plastic boxes hold-up when cardboard boxes fail.
  • Available in a variety of constructions – Corrugated plastic is easy to score, crease, stitch, nail, staple, fold and drill. Corrugated plastic dunnage inserts and containers can be designed to accommodate a range of packaging solutions where wood or cardboard can be used. This means if you are converting from cardboard to plastic, you don’t have to change your process to accommodate a new packaging material design.

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