Molded Plastic Dunnage

The strength, versatility and handling advantages of molded plastic dunnage makes them ideal for safe shipment, storage and handling of delicate and complex parts.

Molded plastics can be designed to fit the exact contour of the panel or part, thus providing maximum protection. Best of all, it’s a very cost-efficient alternative for product protection and material handling. The key advantage with molded plastics is the dunnage design can be customized to fit your product exactly so that it won’t shift during transport. Using the most advanced CAD systems, our engineers can make a precise contoured cavity of your specific product(s) designed to maximize the efficiency of your containers while offering superior protection. packIQ’s molded plastic dunnage is lightweight, nestable, collapsible, and recyclable. In addition, our molded plastic dunnage is reusable, thereby reducing packaging cost.

Benefits of molded plastic:
  • Part protection, partition, and orientation
  • Shock and vibration protection
  • Cushioning support
  • Can be molded to fit complex part features
  • Reduced packaging waste and transport costs
  • Returnable, reusable, and recyclable
PackIQ molded plastic dunnage 1
PackIQ molded plastic dunnage 2
PackIQ molded plastic dunnage 3
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