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Steel racks for shipping, storage, and material handling

Our rack systems reduce material handling time, prevent parts damage, increase shipping density, and frees up valuable floor space.

PackIQ steel shipping racks

Custom Steel shipping Racks

We specialize in designing and fabricating a wide range of returnable and collapsible steel shipping rack solutions for all manufacturing industries. Our steel racks have been used as shipping, storage, and material handling solutions for automotive, heavy truck and bus, military, aerospace, and electronics manufacturers to name a few. Our services include:

Assessment of your manufacturing environment, parts handling and parts protection, in-house mobility, supply loop, and external shipping needs
Concept design using your preliminary inputs including part density, part orientation, part fit, rack mechanisms, and ergonomics.  
Detailed functional packaging design combining dunnage details, material selection, mechanisms, hardware, and overall usability.
Prototype fabrication to test the design extensively for form, fit, and function using the part to validate all mechanisms and specs.
Complete manufacturing of the rack fleet including electrostatic and powder coat paint finishes

"PackIQ had great ideas for returnable steel shipping racks that reduced costs, improved shipping efficiency, and minimized waste in our surrounding landfills."

If you're an OEM or a supplier, we can manufacture a steel rack solution for you.

Front assembly racks
Industrial glass racks
Shipping racks
Driveshaft and axle racks
Bag racks
Engine racks
Mother daughter carts
Tuggers & towable carts
Exhaust system racks
Battery racks
Cross car beam racks
Door racks
Headliner racks
Bumper racks
WIP racks
Windshield racks
Stack racks
Hood racks
Radiator racks
Tire racks

Save on space and return costs with collapsible, fold down, nesting and stackable steel racks.

PackIQ steel shipping racks

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