Vacuum-Formed Tray Dunnage

Our vacuum formed dunnage trays offer a cost-effective solution to store or transport products and components safely and damage free.​

PackIQ offers a wide range of custom vacuum formed trays that can be used to hold, organize, protect and transport a variety of products. packIQ designs and manufactures vacuum formed trays for the shipping, handling, and/or processing of parts or products for a variety of applications. These trays are specially engineered to protect the parts during shipment and can also be utilized during the manufacturing process. These dunnage trays can also be used as material handling containers for industrial and commercial applications. Our vacuum formed trays offer numerous options for protecting your products. Made from a number of materials, such as PVC, polystyrene, PETG, as well as various anti-stat and conductive materials, our vacuum formed dunnage trays are available in different sizes, colors and thicknesses and can be customized for many applications such as protective packaging or material handling. Our vacuum formed trays are available in disposable and re-usable versions. They are used in a number of our customer applications and are ideal for transporting and protecting items such as electronics, industrial and consumer products. Trays can be shaped to fit a particular product with features like indentations and stacking or de-nesting for easy stacking and removal from tight shipping boxes. Our dunnage trays are also lightweight, adding negligible weight to your shipment.

  • Dunnage trays or reusable trays where parts need to be protected
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Interior components
  • Dash panels
Power Sports
  • Hoods
  • Consoles
  • Windshields
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