Clip-Lok Wooden Shipping Crates

Save time and money with an ingenious, patented system of shipping crates that are simple to assemble, stack, and reuse.

Collapsible. Stackable. Reusable.

The original, patented returnable Clip-Lok shipping crate consists of plywood panels held together with our patented, detachable steel clips. The collapsed wooden crate is easily assembled without the use of tools, and once assembled, the crate is strong enough to be stacked up to 7 high. This reusable wood crate can be collapsed and flat-packed, thus freeing up 80% floor space and minimizing return costs. Clip-Lok returnable wooden crates save you time and money.

We are proud to be the exclusive provider for Clip-Lok in North America.

Each Clip-Lok wooden crate is designed to solve common shipping and handling problems for your high value products. Our crates provide superior protection from costly damage during transport. Clip-Lok wooden crates are designed to stack high, providing improved cost savings from better space utilization in warehouse facilities, trucks and sea containers.

To ensure  your products are transported safely through the supply chain, Clip-Lok crates have been tested successfully

Compression tested to 15 tons

Tested to DOD and UN specs

Stacking up to 7 high when loaded

Weather resistant

Return ratio of 5:1

Built for years of constant use

Clip-Lok for the automotive industry

Some of the world's top automotive brands such Volvo, Scania, Daimler and Ford use Clip-Lok™ wood crates to protect items during transport and to optimize their handling and logistic costs. The Clip-Lok wood crates can safely secure and protect items of different sizes from axles to interior/exterior auto components, and even motorcycles.

Clip-Lok for military and defense

The Clip-Lok™ shipping crates are designed and built to meet specialized military requirements, optimize packaging, and reduce logistics costs.Whether transporting goods by air, sea or land, we are able to provide you with packaging solutions that fit the exact requirements of your cargo in order to optimize transportation of your goods.  Customized dunnage provides additional protection of products during transport and storage.


Certified with numerous military specifications including MIL 1660, MIL-810-STD.


International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for use in the airline industry


ADR/RID test requirements and Standard Liquids; a UN Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations


Engineered from environment-friendly plywood that is FSC or PEFC certified


Compliant with ISPM15 heat treatment regulations. ISO 9000 or equivalent awarded in a number of countries.


International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) standards for the transport of dangerous goods by sea covering packing, container traffic and storage

Some of our Clip-Lok work

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