September 12, 2023

Get Control Over Your Reusable Packaging Fleet with Container Management Centers

Get Control Over Your Reusable Packaging Fleet with Container Management Centers

If your production lines are waiting on packaging, you are losing money!

Returnable container fleets are a game-changer for supply chains in manufacturing industries. Not only do they save costs and support sustainability, but they also protect parts and streamline processes. However, using returnable packaging isn't enough - you must manage your fleet effectively. Unfortunately, many supply chain professionals are under-resourced and unaware of the problems lurking within their container fleet.

Here are four familiar challenges with returnable packaging and practical solutions to address them:

Container loss:

Misplacement, hoarding, loss, and damage of containers result in massive expenses. Without visibility, containers seem to disappear, forcing unplanned spending on replacements. Partnering with a 3PL container management expert provides complete visibility, improved inventory management, asset tracking, and reduced unplanned expenses. With the right container management service and technology, you'll have full visibility to manage the fleet and maintain accountability across the supply loop.

Lack of visibility:

Not knowing the number of containers you have or where they are located can hinder production and data-driven decision-making.  Lack of visibility also makes it challenging to make improvements.  The backbone of a container management service center is specialized asset-tracking software that offers real-time visibility into your fleet.  It should also integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP system for two-way data syncing.

Unbudgeted costs:

When containers are unavailable, companies resort to using expendable packaging like corrugated boxes, leading to additional costs, damage to parts, and sustainability conflicts. Managing your container fleet effectively throughout your supply loop can minimize costs, increase sustainability efforts, and improve operator safety.

Production line downtime:

The lack of visibility of your reusable containers can cause assembly line shutdowns due to inventory gaps in your container fleet. Shortages and delays in production force companies to pay expedited fees and use cardboard for shipping, resulting in transportation inefficiencies. A proper container management system gives you the insight and confidence to avoid these issues and deliver parts on time.

PackIQ Container Management Service Center

At PackIQ, we don't just manage your container inventory - we go above and beyond. Our asset tracking software keeps tabs on activities performed on your assets, ensuring any risky situations are resolved promptly. Say goodbye to last-minute transportation needs and costly disruptions in your supply chain.

PackIQ's container management service platform helps you save time and money by managing all types of reusable packaging fleets in close proximity facilities to your operation.  From plastic containers to bulk bins and steel racks to wire baskets, PackIQ handles them all with a comprehensive suite of services all under one roof. Take control of your container fleet today and optimize your supply loop for success. Partner with PackIQ's container management service and focus on what you do best - manufacturing superior products.

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